Craftsman Series—Options

It’s good to have options.

Oregon Door’s expert craftsman and modern machinery are able to meet practically any door option imaginable. Whether you are looking for additional functionality from your door or you need to customize the appearance to match your project’s design scheme, we will work with you to specify the exact doors you need.


Some of our more popular options are listed below. However, if you need something custom, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Glass & Glazing—Oregon Door’s capabilities provide you with possibilities. Imagine designing door openings as limitless as your imagination. Using tempered glass, wired glass, fire-rated ceramic, or specialty glass, you have ultimate flexibility to complement a space’s style and functionality.


Light Kits & Mouldings— The moulding surrounding your light opening can provide distinguishing characteristics to your door. We offer a variety of light mouldings, also called stops or beads, to meet any design style. Whether flush, raised, angled, or specialty profile, we can find the non-rated and fire-rated selection that will best match your project requirements.

Our light mouldings are available shipped loose for field installation or installed one side with the other side precut for field installation after glazing.

We’re also more than happy to factory glaze for nearly any glass thickness.

Light Mouldings


Applied Mouldings— Add character and dimension to your doors with applied mouldings. We offer a variety of standard profiles or add a custom moulding to achieve your desired aesthetic. Mouldings are available in most species of lumber to coordinate with your door.

Applied Mouldings


Louvers— Louvers in both wood and metal are available to provide ventilation for Architectural and Craftsman Series doors. Approved fusible link louvers are also available for certain fire-rated doors.


Dutch Shelves— Look to Oregon Door to provide the right shelves for your Dutch door needs. Choose from one of our standard profiles or ask for something custom. Available in multiple veneer species to best complement your Dutch door.

      Dutch Shelf Detail


Astragals—Oregon Door has a wide array of astragal and edge profiles including those for use with fire-rated and lead-lined doors.


Wicket Doors— A variety of wicket door options with common swing options are available


Transoms—We also supply a variety of transom options to coordinate with your doors.


Hardware: Flush Bolt Clip, Door Shoe, etc. —Oregon Door’s comprehensive machining capabilities allow us to accept a wide variety of hardware allowing for flexibility and an endless array of options to meet the demands of any project.


Pocket/Sliding Doors—Pocket doors or sliding barn doors offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal and are available in matching surface materials.


Bi-Fold Acting Doors— In areas where space limitations dictate, bi-fold acting doors are available to seamlessly coordinate with other interior doors.


Reveals— Reveals routed on the surface of a door, either horizontal or vertical, adding uniqueness and prestige to your project. Reveals on Craftsman Series doors are available for non-rated, 20-minute and 90-minute fire-rated applications.