Craftsman Series—Logistics

So much more than gorgeous, high-performance doors.

When you choose to do business with Oregon Door, you can count on unmatched personal attention at every step of the process. From design to delivery, you’ll find the factory-trained expert help you need to put your mind at ease.
We know doors inside and out—and we’re ready to provide prompt, precise answers to the questions you have regarding design, specification guidance, product information, and more. Just ask!
Adding to our extraordinary customer service, Oregon Door offers consistent, industry-best lead times as well as user-friendly ordering systems to ensure your doors are delivered on-time and to your exact specifications.


Distributor-Partner Network

Oregon Door works with a variety of qualified distributor-partners throughout the US, Canada, and many international locations. This network of local door and hardware experts helps to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Find a local distributor-partner of distinction here, or contact our sales and customer service team at 541.679.6791 or It is likely that we have a qualified distributor-partner serving your area that we would highly recommend. If you already have a preferred DFH distributor, it is likely and we may already partner with the firm. We are also always open to partnering with qualified DFH distributors. Contact your preferred distributor and let them know that you want Oregon Door products.


Several packaging methods are available to ensure doors arrive damage-free, exactly as you need them. Standard options include slip sheet, poly bag, LTL crating, and export crating. We are also happy to provide special packaging and collating for a nominal fee.


A variety of domestic and international shipping methods are available for Oregon Door products, such as pool truck, LTL, straight shipment, flatbed, container, and air. Your area Oregon Door distributor can provide you with specific options.


Doors vary in weight depending on factors like thickness, core, and type. Approximate weights per square foot, can be found here: door weights.

Care and Handling

To protect your door investment and comply with necessary codes, doors need to be properly installed and given adequate maintenance. See our care, storage and handling care, handling, and storage brochure for details on inspecting, storing, finishing, fitting, installation, and maintenance instructions.