Our History

A rich history. A bright future.

1986—Legendary Oregon businessman John Gray (Salishan, Sunriver, John’s Landing, etc.) and his company Grayco found Western Oregon Door on previous site of Empire Pacific Industries. The company focuses on production of hollow core doors. Machining is completed using jigs and handheld routers.

1990—In response to market demand, production shifts to solid core flush wood doors, and the facility is modernized to better meet the new focus.

1994—Sharon Ring is promoted from controller to Vice President/General Manager, one of the first women to hold such a position with a commercial door manufacturer.

1999—Door industry veteran Todd Robinson and his Southwood Group purchase Western Oregon Door. Bob Tucker, President of Southwood Door in Mississippi and legendary door industry character, joins Western Oregon Door as Director of Production.

1999-2000—Southwood Group invests millions to fully modernize the production facility, including KVAL machining equipment and hot press technology.

2005—First Routech machine is installed, fully modernizing machining capabilities.

2007—The company name changes to Oregon Door.

2008—The building is expanded to increase production capabilities, and a second Routech machine is installed.

2009—Significant enhancements are made to increase production of green products, and a new dust collection system is installed.

2013—Sharon Ring retires as President/COO after a distinguished career in the architectural openings industry. Brian Bennett is named Vice President/General Manager.

2015—Significant commitment is made to ensure that Oregon Door becomes a leader in the sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing of doors. While the company has long been noted as strong in green building, this renewed commitment promises transformational impact on practically every part of the process through focus on improving every aspect of the operation. The finish system was overhaul to become low VOC content.

2016—The Life Cycle Assessment was started and completed, paving the way to future transparency documents and certifications. Oregon Door entered into a Green Power Partnership, making the commitment to purchase green energy. The Green Team was formed and the mission to continue creating a culture of sustainability was established.

2017—Environmental Product Declarations are published! The manufacturing facility continues to have improvements made for energy and resource conservation.

2018—An automated “Superfici” stain line was installed, completing the transition to a single automated pre-finish line using environmentally-friendly water-based stain and UV cured clear coating. The addition of the stain line increased pre-finish capacity and significantly improved the consistency of the stain application.