Fast Track—Machining

Available Fast Track machining options.


1 ½ pair of 4 ½” (with vix bit)

2 pair of 4 ½” (with vix bit)

1 ½ pair of 5” (with vix bit)


Cylindrical Lock Bore

Cylindrical Deadbolt

Mortise Lock

Flush Preps

Flush Pull Prep Cylindrical

Flush Pull Prep Rectangular

Vision Light Cutouts,  See “Fast Track Options” for available vision frames.

Narrow Light or Half Glass*

Full Glass*


Full Mortise Door Bottom**

Peephole Viewers

Top, Bottom, Intermediate pivot prep. (Requires 5″ top & bottom rail)

Raceway (Electric Hinge to Lock)

Surface Rim Panic with Trim

Surface Vertical Rod Panic with Trim

Roller Latches (Top Rail or Vertical Edge)

Flush Bolts and ASA Strike Prep

Concealed Overhead Stop / Closer (Requires 5″ top Rail) ** Available in non-rated only **


NOTE: Templates must be provided with your order for all template hardware preps.


* Cutouts larger than 36” in height or that leave less than 5” between lite and hardware cutout will void warranty and possibly 20 min fire rating. Use SCL core to maintain warranty/rating. Consult factory re: fire rating conformity.

** The use of concealed auto door bottoms require wide top and/or bottom rail or SCL core.