FRP Rugged Series—Options

It’s good to have options.

Frames—This doorframe is specifically designed for use in harsh environments. Its all-FRP and polymer construction is ideal for any project where the doorframes are frequently exposed to water, salt, and other harsh chemicals. The frame can also be configured as four-sided and used as a window. Other options include side light frames and transoms with glass or solid panels.

Pre-Hung Units—You choose: Want your doors shipped with the hardware installed on them? Want the doors pre-hung in the frame? Send us your hardware to install on the doors or purchase our hardware. Tell us how you want it, and we’ll do it.

Advantages of pre-hung doors:

  • Faster Installation—One quarter of the installation time needed for traditional installations
  • Perfect fit—Consistent door margins and door alignment every time
  • One delivery—Door, frame, and hardware are all received at once
  • No missing parts—No hardware to keep track of and store until door and frame are installed

Acoustic—Does your environment require higher sound transmission specs? We have experience with commercial door installation within multi-family units and in schools, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

Lead-Lined—With many surface materials available, you can mirror the design style of your environment and still get the safety and security of lead-lined cores.

Bullet Resistant—Bullet-resistant flush doors look and function the same as standard doors and are recommended for architectural use in offices, judicial chambers, law enforcement facilities, and wherever ballistic security is desired.