FRP Rugged Series—Finishes

Fitting Paint Colors for Smooth and Pebble Surface application.

Oregon Door FRP Rugged Series doors are designed for use in corrosive environments. Since they are highly resistant to most chemicals as well as water (fresh or salt), they are well suited for a multitude of environments.

Two surface color options are available: Smooth and Pebble Surface

Oregon Door also offers a full line of factory applied standard and custom matched paint colors.

Standard Finish Colors

FRP Rugged Series doors come standard finished with a primer coat of paint much like a hollow metal door. This allows field painting to match other products on-site.

Optional Finish Colors

Oregon Door offers a full line of factory applied standard and custom matched paint colors.

Pebble Face Standard Finish Colors

Pebble face FRP Rugged Series doors provide an attractive and extremely durable solution for high-traffic, heavy use, and extreme condition environments.

Some advantages of choosing Pebble Face include:

  • Durability- extremely mar and scratch resistant
  • Graffiti- even permanent markers wipe off with common cleaners
  • USDA approved- suitable for use in food processing facilities
  • Seamless construction- no joints or crevices to harbor and grow bacteria in
  • All FRP and polymer- no aluminum or metal to rust, dent or discolor

Paint vs. Gel-Coat

FRP doors can be finished in two ways: by applying a gel-coat pigment in the desired color or painting it with high quality paint. Both provide a very similar visual appearance.

Painting the doors (rather than gel-coating) has some distinct advantages:

  • Painted doors can be easily repaired and touched up in the field. Touching up gel-coat on site is difficult.
  • Doors can be factory primed for field painting and then field finished to ensure an exact match with the rest of the project.
  • Exterior applications pose some issues for pigmented gel-coat doors. One of the few enemies of FRP is ultra-violet rays from the sun. Even a gel-coat with UV inhibitor eventually breaks down. Painted FRP doors are protected by the paint. As long as the paint is properly maintained UV rays will not affect the FRP. This makes painting an excellent choice for exterior applications.


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